What order should I layer my serums?

Generally, you should apply serums from thinnest to thickest consistency.

Can I Layer 2 different serums?

Yes, you can layer 2 different serums.

Which serum do you apply first?

Apply the serum with the thinnest consistency first, followed by the serum with the thicker consistency.

How do you apply thick serum?

Gently massage the thick serum onto your face in a circular motion.

What are the steps for face routine?

The steps for face routine are: cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize, and sunblock.

Can I use face serum under eyes?

Yes, you can use face serum under your eyes.

Can you put serum on eyelids?

No, you should not put serum on your eyelids.Which serum is best for dark circles?

Which serum is best for dark circles?

A serum with vitamin C is best for dark circles.

How long after serum do you moisturize?

Wait 2-3 minutes after applying serum before moisturizing.

How long should I leave serum on my face?

You can leave serum on your face overnight.

Can I leave serum overnight?

Yes, you can leave serum on your face overnight.

How many drops of serum should I use?

Use 2-3 drops of serum.

What happens if you use too much serum?

If you use too much serum, it may be difficult to spread evenly on your face.

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